Feeling sluggish, irritable, or depressed?

 Emu oil capsules can provide a boost to the bodies functions, and

deliver a variety of health friendly ingredients, naturally. 

 Improper nutrition can be a contributing factor to each of these conditions.   Mirriam Webster defines nutrition as “the act or process of nourishing or being nourished, the sum of the processes by which an animal or plant takes in or utilizes food substances.”   Our bodies do not self generate nutrients; we rely on food as our nutrient source.  Nutritional wellness begins with what we eat, and our choices directly impact our quality of life and daily performance.

 The physiological metamorphosis of converting food into soluble nutrients primarily occurs in our digestive tracts.  During this process, food is slowly dissolved allowing vitamins, minerals and nutrients to pass into our bloodstreams.  If the foods we ingest and digest are low in, or lack nutritional value our bodies perform at less then optimal levels which may result in a wide variety of symptoms.     

Nutritional supplements can offer a simple and viable solution to diets that are improperly balanced or deficient in nutrient quantity or quality.   Supplements are designed to provide support to your diet.   The Food and Nutrition Board a division of the US National Academy of Sciences created the RDA as a guideline for nutritional measurement.  The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) is a guideline established by the Food and Nutrition Board, and part of a broader nutritional guideline established by the Institute of Medicine referred to as DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) that quantify a generalized list of daily nutritional requirements.    These requirements provide a benchmark for the average persons level of nutritional intake daily. 

 For many, our food choices simply don’t provide the appropriate balance of what we require to function well, based on scientific or nutritional standards.  Supplements can provide essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in forms that are easy for our bodies to assimilate and assist in offsetting nutritional deficit. 

 There are many types of supplements available today ranging from multi-vitamins to singularly specific specialty ingredients; both natural and homeopathic.  In some cases, supplements serve a motivational or protective role to assist the body in absorption or more efficient synthesis of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.   

Nature often delivers the best remedies, and one of those natural remedies is Emu oil.  Emu oil an ancient natural ingredient, which has been an aboriginal remedy for millennium.  Its growing popularity in the US health and beauty market is due to its therapeutic flexibility, and it’s innate nutritional value.  Emu oil can be applied topically, and has been successfully used to provide relief ranging from skin conditions to joint pain.  Emu oil is highly transdermal (absorbs quickly), bacteriostatic (resists bacteria), hypoallergenic (gentle), comedeogenic (wont clog pores), contains natural anti- inflammatory’s, and is loaded with good acids, good fats, and vitamins. 

 In its encapsulated form Emu oil is natural, pure and loaded with anti oxidants, Omega fatty acids (3,6,7,and 9), healthy linoleic and oleic acids, ATP and vitamins A, E, and F.  As a daily supplement Emu oil capsules can provide a boost to the bodies functions, and deliver a variety of health friendly ingredients, naturally.  If your diet is lacking and you’re amongst the millions of nutritionally challenged individuals, Emu oil capsules may be a great place to begin your supplement journey back to feeling good.

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