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Made with 100% Pure Emu Oil

Embur Products with Emu Oil the Best for Your Body's Skin



Emu Oil is a natural product with diverse applications and is available for consumers of all ages.

 • Multiple conditions can be improved by using Emu Oil without side effects.

 • Nationally acclaimed researcher, Dr. Barry Sears said, "Emu Oil is an untapped resource and currently now is where aspirin was in the early 1900's."

 • Emu Oil is a healthy, complex, topical or ingestible oil, which contains a natural anti-inflammatory and is trans-dermal. In addition to reducing swelling and stiffness in joints, it reduces bruising and muscle pain. Professional sports trainers and players recognize the benefits of emu oil.

 • Emu Oil is a natural emollient. Emu oil helps combat the effects of the aging process. Research has shown emu oil can thicken the skin, which reduces the appearance of aging.

• Medical specialists are discovering the benefits of emu oil and are adapting it into their treatment techniques.

• Emu Oil is a natural, environmentally friendly product.

• Moisturizers dry, cracked, itchy skin

• Aid healing skin from rashes and bed sores

• Promotes healthy gum tissue

• Alleviates sting and itch from insect bites

• Reduces appearance of fine lines and stretch marks

• Helps diabetic patients heal faster

• Alleviates sun burn pain

• Eases teething pains

• Helps people with Crohn’s disease when ingested

• Helps clear up diaper rash

• Alleviates “hot spots” on animals


 What People Are Saying About Emu Oil

Ingredients: 100% Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil
• Improves Skin Tone
•  Moisturizes
•· Reduces Wrinkles
•· Increases Skin Firmness
•· Softens Lips
•· Plumps Up Fine Lines
•· Regenerates Skin Cells
•· Smoothes Under-eye Circles




















































































The links below will take you to a series of

photos showing skin conditions that have been treated with emu oil.


Emu Oil Healing Photos Of Eczema As It Progresses
Through Emu Oil Treatment


1. An elderly woman with severe eczema on her face. Note: She had been treated for approximately eight weeks by a physician with conventional type therapy (cortisone, antibiotics, IV, oral). All prior medications were discontinued.

2. Eczema lesion after one week of pure emu oil application.

3. Eczema lesion after three weeks of therapy using just pure emu oil.




Emu Oil Healing Photos Of A Gasoline Burn Victims
Wound As It Progresses Through Emu Oil Treatment


1. A gasoline burn on the arm of an 8-year-old patient.

2. The lesion after pure emu oil was applied for three days.

3. The lesion after one week of pure emu oil application.

4. The lesion 21 days later with almost complete healing.
Note: The patient was treated with pure emu oil only, no antibiotics.





Emu Oil Healing Photos Of A Gravel Abrasion Victims
Wound As It Progresses Through Emu Oil Treatment


1. A gravel abrasion obtained by a young man in a motorcycle accident.  The area was cleansed, debrided, and only pure emu oil  was applied with an occlusive dressing.

2. The lesion one week later.

The lesion three weeks later.
Note: This lesion would normally have taken much
longer to heal (four to six weeks) but as can be
discerned from the photograph, the young man
had almost complete healing in three weeks.


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